Why No IPv6?

Brunei Darussalam

The Most Popular Websites Without IPv6 In Brunei Darussalam

Each of the following websites is sorted by Alexa rank and loads over an IPv4 only connections.

Alexa Rank Website IPv6 NS IPv6
128995 jobcentrebrunei.gov.bn
143712 recruitment.gov.bn
144276 nam.gov.bn
147851 pb.edu.bn
182708 telbru.com.bn
227496 mall-ticket.com
363928 bibd.com.bn
363960 mofat.gov.bn
481510 mindef.gov.bn
566269 brunei.gov.bn
598040 ltd-nam.gov.bn
637067 moh.gov.bn
667773 ibte.edu.bn
870681 mod.gov.bn
878631 bdnsw.gov.bn
887571 pelitabrunei.gov.bn
902591 depd.gov.bn
922958 ave.com.bn
922961 ei.gov.bn
922965 powerkad.com

Resources for Going IPv6

If you're responsible for a website and aren't sure why IPv6 is important or would like resources to help make the transition, try these:

  1. IPv6 Training
  2. IPv6 adoption statistics
  3. Is your site IPv6 ready?
  4. World IPv6 Launch