Why No IPv6?


The Most Popular Websites Without IPv6 In Mozambique

Each of the following websites is sorted by Alexa rank and loads over an IPv4 only connections.

Alexa Rank Website IPv6 NS IPv6
22858 movitel.co.mz
51258 millenniumbim.co.mz
83419 vm.co.mz
87321 up.ac.mz
194436 bci.co.mz
238081 tvcabo.mz
258559 cinetop.co.mz
337115 mcnet.co.mz
353933 mined.gov.mz
438931 mcel.co.mz
443369 portaldogoverno.gov.mz
451823 bancomoc.mz
454382 mozabanco.co.mz
482547 bancounico.co.mz
589246 inss.gov.mz
630017 rm.co.mz
703389 bibliotecaossoma.co.mz
905339 infinity.co.mz

Heroes Of Mozambique, We Salute You!

The following websites are dual-stacked and ready for the future!

Alexa Rank Website IPv6 NS IPv6
56902 uem.mz

Mozambique Statistics

Of the total 19 sites, 1 (5.3%) of them have IPv6.

Resources for Going IPv6

If you're responsible for a website and aren't sure why IPv6 is important or would like resources to help make the transition, try these:

  1. IPv6 Training
  2. IPv6 adoption statistics
  3. Is your site IPv6 ready?
  4. World IPv6 Launch