Why No IPv6?

Papua New Guinea

The Most Popular Websites Without IPv6 In Papua New Guinea

Each of the following websites is sorted by Alexa rank and loads over an IPv4 only connections.

Alexa Rank Website IPv6 NS IPv6
368170 nso.gov.pg
378281 cpapng.org.pg
384962 nasfund.com.pg
477968 telikompng.com.pg

Heroes Of Papua New Guinea, We Salute You!

The following websites are dual-stacked and ready for the future!

Alexa Rank Website IPv6 NS IPv6
13784 dwu.ac.pg

Papua New Guinea Statistics

Of the total 5 sites, 1 (20%) of them have IPv6.

Resources for Going IPv6

If you're responsible for a website and aren't sure why IPv6 is important or would like resources to help make the transition, try these:

  1. IPv6 Training
  2. IPv6 adoption statistics
  3. Is your site IPv6 ready?
  4. World IPv6 Launch