Why No IPv6?

IPv6 per Autonomous System

This is a list of the top 50 ASN's with sites that lacks IPv6

Order by IPv4 Count Order by IPv6 Count Order by IPv6 Percent

ASN Organization Dual-Stack Progress
AS13335 83666 Dual-Stack8715 IPv4 Only
AS15169 29173 Dual-Stack20257 IPv4 Only
AS8560 5277 Dual-Stack6848 IPv4 Only
AS54113 1751 Dual-Stack3908 IPv4 Only
AS63949 1641 Dual-Stack7710 IPv4 Only
AS50673 242 Dual-Stack1251 IPv4 Only
AS49505 200 Dual-Stack1148 IPv4 Only
AS32475 1251 Dual-Stack7415 IPv4 Only
AS22612 760 Dual-Stack4682 IPv4 Only
AS51167 200 Dual-Stack1696 IPv4 Only
AS26347 563 Dual-Stack5084 IPv4 Only
AS32787 112 Dual-Stack1018 IPv4 Only
AS16509 3126 Dual-Stack30575 IPv4 Only
AS19994 249 Dual-Stack2556 IPv4 Only
AS198047 113 Dual-Stack1252 IPv4 Only
AS38895 160 Dual-Stack1802 IPv4 Only
AS24940 2225 Dual-Stack25190 IPv4 Only
AS55293 138 Dual-Stack1599 IPv4 Only
AS40034 123 Dual-Stack1468 IPv4 Only
AS36351 624 Dual-Stack7698 IPv4 Only
AS14618 1558 Dual-Stack19782 IPv4 Only
AS16276 2451 Dual-Stack31532 IPv4 Only
AS55002 122 Dual-Stack1582 IPv4 Only
AS26496 2135 Dual-Stack27963 IPv4 Only
AS20473 214 Dual-Stack2977 IPv4 Only
AS19551 259 Dual-Stack3724 IPv4 Only
AS12876 227 Dual-Stack3674 IPv4 Only
AS30148 208 Dual-Stack3354 IPv4 Only
AS198068 75 Dual-Stack1224 IPv4 Only
AS14061 789 Dual-Stack13901 IPv4 Only
AS15395 89 Dual-Stack1616 IPv4 Only
AS5588 59 Dual-Stack1178 IPv4 Only
AS27357 62 Dual-Stack1394 IPv4 Only
AS394695 112 Dual-Stack2663 IPv4 Only
AS33070 95 Dual-Stack2617 IPv4 Only
AS60781 146 Dual-Stack4167 IPv4 Only
AS29182 70 Dual-Stack2079 IPv4 Only
AS197695 86 Dual-Stack2488 IPv4 Only
AS63410 34 Dual-Stack1097 IPv4 Only
AS3462 43 Dual-Stack1391 IPv4 Only

Resources for Going IPv6

If you're responsible for a website and aren't sure why IPv6 is important or would like resources to help make the transition, try these:

  1. IPv6 Training
  2. IPv6 adoption statistics
  3. Is your site IPv6 ready?
  4. World IPv6 Launch